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If you guys reading this you are wondering who is gominer?? by the way i hear it 3months ago because about cloud mining i already invested to hashflare also in genesis mining, they are both payable and legit, as far as i know they both long term profitable and it comes to invest to both CloudMining its hard to get more profit because both cloudmining using old method of mining rigs also they dont have new technology or also know as Multi Mining rigs. as far i know multi mining rigs or also know as ASIC mining rig they develop new technology that can mine not only bitcoin also other altcoins, i can give you sample if new generation ASIC or Gominer called it “GMXR1-C“, this cloud mining “Gominer” they offering token base cloud mining also i read the all fact of gominer, they can mine multi mining also efficient to electricity and low cost of energy,

the first hardware and software upgradable mining rig invented by Gominer company, one of the most powerful and energy efficient rig in the cryptocurrency market today, GMX R1 that can mine multiple algorithms with various power consumptions such as Sha-256, blake2b, blake2b-Sia, X11, Equihash, EThash and Cryptonight. You can get various algorithm hashrate of: 48Th/s for Sha-256 2.7th/s for Blake2B and Blake2b-Sia 250 gh/s for x11 1940 mh/s for Ethash 160ksol/s for Equihash 1100 kh/s for Cryptonight 49 th/s for Blake256r14 with the power consumption of 1650W. Hardware upgrade and Software online updates will be available from time to time.

Multiple Algorithm Miner

  • GMX R1 that can mine multiple algorithms with various power Consumptions such as Sha-256, blake2b, blake2b-Sia, X11, Equihash, EThash and Cryptonight. 
  • 44Th/s for Sha-256 
  • 2.7th/s for Blake2B and Blake2b-Sia 
  • 250 gh/s for x11 1940 mh/s for etHash 
  • 160ksol/s for equihash 
  • All hashrates are based on 1650W power consumption. 
  • 1100 kh/s for Cryptonight 
  • with the power consumption of 1650W

As per Check of the specification they present i think this company or cloudmining is better and i will recommend it to my blog, also i will try to invest as much i can. for now i will give GREEN FLAG

8 thoughts on “Gominer Review Legit”

  1. Yeah, I also invested on Hashflare and genesis yes they are paying but i thing it’s to slow to get my principal and their technology is not upgrading for more than a year. That’s why i’m looking for something new and here i accidentally found gominer is islegitsite website, So i’m just gonna sit and relax waiting for their launch 🙂

    1. Oh. so this cloud mining is launching soon. i saw the site it might open soon. i can’t wait to invest.
      im reviewing and i feel amazed.

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