Lets me give some review regarding in gominer, since 2017 gominer have there own mining farm so they localize operating mining and base on my research they mining farm also in canada, also i study there Rigs called “GMXR1-C” its good to hear about there mining rig, some mining farm link genesis mining or hashflare have there own mining farm but they base on what rigs get profitable, GMXR1 rigs i think this is the next generation of rigs because of there multi mining algorithm, they can mine profitable cryptocurrency, in other words they can choose what

Gominer Round 4 this is the most exciting moment because the price will be increase that before, and for those who not have token right now. as much as possible buy now because of the time gominer token will be increase

Gominer Pre Sell of GMXR1 was about to End also i the one also buy on GMXR1 because base on there specs and features i can get more profit on it the best of it is the multi algorithm, this method can mine all altcoins profitable, so as a miner i will not waste this opportunity to buy GMXR1

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